Managing A Club Is Not A Joke

Go ahead. You try. Try managing a club on your own. Yes, club management in this day and age is no joke. It is not a walk in the park. But walk in the park when talking golf, well, that is a different story altogether. It turns out that that is quite a healthy pursuit. New club members ought to try that. Walking from hole to hole instead of huffing and puffing along in a golf cart. And when you think about it; what a great way to cut further expenses.

With resources being limited as they are right now, you ought to try that. And what about the clubhouse? It takes money to run a well-stocked bar these days. And what if there are members and their guests who insist on having one too many when they know full well that they are not supposed to drink and drive. What a way to earn a good reputation as a respectable golf club. Encouraging men to drink when they should be spending more time out enjoying the fresh air.

club management

And working the links trying to improve their handicap. Not their mental handicap. Look, if you want to serve drinks instead of being a good ambassador of one the greatest games of all time, go work in a night club. And see how you like working a dive like that. Late hours are just so unhealthy. And then there are the crowds. The way clubbers behave themselves these days. Or should that be; misbehave. But so it goes.

More and more people are now being encouraged to take up healthy pursuits. Like taking up golf. This in the day and age of viruses that refuse to go away already.